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20190811_DFBRL8R_Apprentice Showcase_Les

creating a poem-film:

if you can see me does that mean you're really there?

using two projectors, a camera, and a white wall, this piece was constructed live in a duration of 90 minutes 

questioning shadows, media interaction, and what it means to really be connected 

created at dfbrl8r art gallery 

on exhibit at zhou b art center 

aug 16-sept 13 2019

music by FFHKS


in the face of change, one must continue to move forward and grow


published on Scout and Birdie in their fall/winter 2019 issue "At Sea"

music by FFHKS 

Screenshot 2017-12-18 22.14.07.png

Remain (release)

Questioning the role of anger in grief and loss, Remain (release) navigates the space between acceptance and denial

a little clemency for my soul v. ii

navigating fantasy and reality, one seeks to shape life as she wants to see it 


a little clemency for my soul v. i

An apology using hair, fabric, two languages, and flowers A memorial for all the words that remain unsaid


the absence of you

Using physical based actors in a dance composition. Exploring connection and separation of bodies, finding isolation and unity in space

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