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Han; sleep is the image of death 

Director: Yuri Choe

Movement Direction: Mari Xaio 

Movement: Lesley Keller-Reed, Aichi Hsu 

Harbinger: A One Hour Project 

Project Bound Dance 
Choreography: Jamie Greco

Dancing: Emily Loar

Video/ Editing: Lesley Keller-Reed 

Pulling Teeth; Boiled Egg 

Performance/choreography: Lesley Keller-Reed 
Directed and edited: Daniel Kelley Vargas 

Score: Keep Warm 

Enchanted Roses (Short Film) 

Director: Yuri Choe 

Director of Photography: Luciana Salinas 

Acting/Movement: Lesley Keller-Reed

Grand Jury Award of Best Student Film at New York International Film Awards 

Finalist in Hollywood Gold Awards 

Coming Home (Music Video) 

Song and Performance: Uma Bloo 

Video and Editing: Lesley Keller-Reed

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